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Search and Selection / Recruitment
If you are an employer which requires senior executive or engineering talent, we recommend that you hire the services of a professional search firm having an intimate understanding of the industry in which you operate.

If the firm answers YES to all the following questions, then you have an easy decision to take :-

1) Does it understand your company’s business model, values and principles?
2) Does it know your competitors?
3) Does it know your strategic partners?
4) Does it know the ‘feeder’ companies to your talent pool?
5) Does it know which companies your ex-employees now work for?
6) Does it work for select companies only?

We at Plax work with a limited set of clients given the nature of the work we carry out. The following are the industries we specialise in:-

Engineering and Technical
Digital /E-Commerce
Financial Services

Whether it is a retained or contingency search assignment, we will submit candidates to you only after carrying out necessary due diligence (interviews, chronological history, aspirations, communication ability, understanding and remuneration expectations)

Even though we have an extensive network of contacts, we rely on classic search techniques to find the best candidates for our clients. We rarely advertise jobs, since experience shows that senior executives prefer to change jobs via networking or referrals rather than job boards.

Digital/Social Media marketing

We have several years experience in helping clients in online publishing, webinars and events marketing through a network of networking groups on LinkedIn, which have members mainly from oil&gas, engineering and commodities trading sectors.

email to info@plaxgroup.co.uk  

RECRUITMENT SPECIALISTS (£50 to £200K pa jobs)


Digital Transformation Consultants

Digital Analytics Manager

Digital Innovation Managers

Programmatic Display Ad Managers

CRO Project Managers

PPC/SEO Manager

UX Architects

Technical Project Managers


Contact us for your requirements………We are in Harrow, London