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Plax has been working with companies internationally to create a client-centric business process which entails deep understanding of the client's business strategy, technology, customers, geography etc. Our consultants are specialists in their area of expertise and enjoy a high level of confidence with clients seeking domain experience in oil downstream refining and distribution operations.
 Business Plans (incl. cash flow analysis)
 CRM and Digital Marketing
 Profit Improvement
 Computer Aided Design
 Finite Element Analysis
 Product and System Design

Career coaching and Training in Derivatives Trading

Looking for a career in Trading!. You have reached the right place. If you feel that you have good analytical skills and an aptitude for computer programming, please do contact us and we will phone you to discuss the training options. The main areas for Derivatives (Options) trading are stocks (equities), FX (currencies), interest rates, bonds and commodities (metals, grains, oil).

- Derivatives contracts and strategies
- Derivatives pricing
- Delta, Gamma and Vega
- Volatility Risk
- Commodity derivative options
- Pricing FX options

Our Consultants
Project Consultancy
and Analysis

CAD models:


Helical Gear Mechanism: https://grabcad.com/library/helical-gear-mechanism-1

Convex Compression Spring: https://grabcad.com/library/convex-barrel-compression-spring-1

Plastic bottle: https://grabcad.com/library/plastic-bottle-9